*update: I just had a conversation w/ a good friend about my weight loss goals and she was like “I don’t see you as a size 8-10, have you ever been a size 8?” I was like “yeah, i was a 10 in college” and I find myself a bit offended. I wasn’t even talking about being a size 8 but to me, i’m the kind of friend that will back your dream until YOU decide you’ve done whatever you wanted/needed to do, I don’t think I’m the type to say your dream is unrealistic. Even if it is….you’ll figure that out on your own and be ready to deal with that. This friend and I are a tremendous support to one another so I think it stings because I wouldn’t have expected to hear anything like that from her. I doubt she even meant it the way I seem to be taking it, but if I can’t be honest here…what’s the point? Now I find myself motivated by anger in a “we’ll see who can/can’t do what” and that isn’t what this is about for me.

wow. that workout yesterday wore me out. i think i pushed it a little too hard. i came home, ate and zombied through some tasks and then…crashed…hard. like, can’t wake up on time hard. fortunately all of my errands today are flexible.

I also figured out why i felt tired and sluggish yesterday after the workout, last night my “friend” came to visit and I guess with working out I hadn’t had any “warning” cramps and any backpain I had (also a warning sign for me) I had tossed off as a result of working out.

I feel better about the 2lbs in 10 days thing now, because i’m usually heaviest right at this point in my cycle, so after “aunt flow” is gone, i’ll weigh in again, maybe at day 21. I’m not sure i want to get into the weigh-myself-daily habit.

That disappointment was also a “trigger” for me to eat those toffee peanuts last night and go back for seconds on the coleslaw and the meat. I’m not mad at myself at all, just happy that I’m “recognizing” the triggers so I can hopefully do better next time.

My body hurt so bad this a.m. that I had to take an ibuprofen just to get up and moving. I also need to drink alot of H2O today and make myself stay.out.of.the.gym. I can’t afford to get hurt.

I got a mani/pedi yesterday and got my hair done. Finally picked the afro ALL the way out and it is huge. Once braided I was really surprised at how long it is. I think I’m going to just keep letting it grow until I see a style I like or I get tired of this. The point is…its nice to pamper yourself, eh?

10am: 1 cup coffee w/ splenda and non-fat/non-dairy creamer (approx 30 calories?)

12:15: 3 buffalo wing pieces and 1 cup of cooked cabbage + 1 diet coke