felt pretty good today, not as achey. tried to do a hard workout. i have worked out 8 of the last 11 days. i’m really proud of myself.

elliptical: 30 min

treadmil: 15 min

indoor track: 1.5 miles

arms: skull crushers, seated row and bench press, 2 sets x 12 reps each

weighed in. down two pounds. a little disappointed but i need to pace myself and realize i’m building muscle too. 

10am: slimfast shake (running behind for an appointment)

1pm: egg-white+spinach+cheese omlette, 1 sausage patty+3 slices of peaches

4pm: 1 banana

4:30pm: multi-grain chips + pico de gallo

7:30 1 cup toffee peanuts post workout

8:30 pulled pork sandwhich on wheat bun w/ coleslaw and cabbage