Whew. woke up sore and achey, not as bad as a couple of days ago but certainly not all “let’s hit the gym!” but i was determined to go anyway. i ate fat free yogurt w/ my nephew’s cereal on top and it was nasty…way too sweet. I keep meaning to stop and get some kashi go-lean. then i worked for a while and made my plans for the day. i made an egg-white, cheese and spinach mini omelett because i was hungry!

We ate really well last night for dinner. baked chicken on salad and fish on the side! so i was hungry when i woke up and ate light, then hungry around 11am when i finally decided to go to the gym so i had the mini omelett, took an aspirin and hit the gym. *admitted omission, i had some ice-cream last night and also some pepperoni/cheese and crackers at midnight. i didn’t overdo it on either one!. I ate like a bird all day yesterday!

treadmill: 32 min. walk/run. felt good. no laps today.

quick arm workout. 2 x 10-12 reps of chest press, bench press, lat pull downs and tricep pushdowns. then I was out the door so I could go hit golf balls with friends. Cooked out for dinner. chicken, steak, low fat turkey sausage. I did a good job controlling portions (cooking and eating). We has grilled corn and asparagus! no carbohydrates, i guess the corn counts as a starch.

anyway, a lighter workout day, but i think my body is telling me not to push it. i also think my iPod shuffle is on the fritz. looking forward to working out tomorrow!