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Today was pretty darn good.
I hit the gym by 11am and worked out pretty hard. I’m actually glad the gym was closed yesterday and that I rested. I know I have the tendency to push too far, too fast in these things.

30 min on the treadmill at walk/run + incline up to 5.0. I am still slow as all get out, but I worked up a good sweat and it felt nice to “jog” without feeling like I was going to die!

I decided to do 5 min in the Sauna before starting cardio so that I could stretch in the sauna with warm muscles. this started a nice sweat.

after the treadmill I did 2 miles on the indoor track. I was really into my workout today thanks to the music, i had uploaded a ton of new tunes before heading out and man, that makes all the difference, but of course…my iPod shuffle crapped out and now its acting crazy, it may have shorted out…ho.lee.shiz.

i was starving so i ran out to the car and grabbed a slimfast shake w/ the intention of doing an upper body workout and possibly hitting the treadmill again (yeah, i know…pushing it) but when i sat down for 10 min to read a health article I got up and was achey and creaky and took that as a sign to carry myself home.

I resisted the urge to nap, working on other projects instead. I shuttled my nephew to baseball practice and next time I’ll know that it is also an awesome place to get some exercise as there’s an outdoor track around the field. so I may volunteer to take him Thursday. Anyway, i’m tired as all get out and my goal is to be in bed by 10pm and in the gym by 9am tomorrow.

I pray my ipod shuffle recovers, i don’t want to lug the 30Gig, but I will.