Sunday before Memorial day. Things are pretty quiet on my end. I actually got up when I woke up today, 6:30 am, even though I went to sleep at 2am. I need to get back into that habit as my “sabbatical” draws to a close and I have to get some work done šŸ™‚

Breakfast today raisin bran + yogurt.

Lunch was a 2 eggs+ egg white omlet w/ cheese and spinach and onion. some peach halves and a slice of whole grain toast + 2 pieces of bacon and a piece of sausage.

Snacked on handful of multigrain tortilla chips and 3 fig newtons post workout.

Dinner: hamburger on multigrain bread, 1 rib+ 1/2 sausage + cabbage + asparagus + cole slaw. sounds like alot, but just small leftover portions of a bunch of different things. oh and some spinach pie.

I am paying better attention to what, now I need to check how much I’m consuming.

again didn’t feel like going to the gym, but got there at 5 mins to 6pm and did 2 miles on indoor track at fast walk + 10 min walk/run on treadmill. 5 mins in sauna. felt more energyized post workout and went out and got B Complex, E, D and Glucosamine vitamin supplements. I think 50% of the reason i’m so tired and sluggish is malnutrition and too many carbs, not enough veggies the last 4 months on the ship/semester at sea. the other 50% being my need to exercise more, move and get some weight off!

walking today i could almost picture doing the 13.1 mile VA Beach 1/2 marathon this Labor Day. I also had visions of doing 2 workouts/day. But I’m doing a good job of reigning myself in and trying not to do too much too fast so I can stay healthy to GET healthy! It also felt great to jog (albeit very, very slowly) for a little while and KNOW that I can be a runner again.