today was tough in some ways. i really felt sluggish and low energy. it feels like it takes all my effort just to get moving/get something done. i also realize i really need to overhaul my diet. i think i’m just not even aware of what i’m really putting in my gas tank and its dirty gas.

i hit the store and replaced the non-dairy creamer w/ fat-free non-dairy creamer, got some apple/carrot juice and some vidalia onion vinegrette salad dressing and some slim fast shakes. some fiber tablets too. I haven’t made it to GNC to get vitamins yet.

i was walking w/ my mom around doing errands and realize how much slower i am than she is. i’m so over being heavy. its like the blinders have really come off. its not chubby, not charming, its just a pain in my ass.

i rested up and hit the gym at 5:30 today. before i went i had some non-fat organic yogurt w/ some honey nut cheerios to kickstart my energy, and 4oz of apple-carrot juice mixed with 24oz of h2o as a post workout recovery drink. i have no idea what i’m doing, but hey…i’m trying.

i had a horrible lunch/breakfast of fried chicken wings and fried okra (don’t even ask….lol) and that is what made me realize the whole…you’re putting dirty gas in your fuel tank thing.

i really really really didn’t feel like i had it in me to go to the gym, but i went. and i actually had a great workout. i did 30 min on the treadmill, walked 1.5 miles on the indoor track and did a medium intensity upper body workout. i was really proud of myself, and grateful for my iPod shuffle (thanks Dad!) b/c good music can really make or break a workout sometimes!

today i jumped on and, i also found this blog which chronicles the journey of a woman and her husband from flab to fab. so i’m looking forward to digging a bit further into that. i also stumbled across and which I’m also looking forward to checking out. THIS website too is kind of a good mechanism for me to track my goals, food and exercise habits, etc as well as post new (to me?) info on health and fitness. i’ve fallen off the wagon so many times, but its not how many times you lose, its the one time you win that counts!