I’ve decided to dub the next year OBSOML: Operation Best Shape of My Life.

The trick is to make getting to the gym a priority no matter where i am, and to start slow and build up so I don’t get hurt or burn out. I am not going to beat myself up for slipping up or backsliding. I am determined to never give up. I’ve been around the world, I KNOW I can do this.

The changes to my eating habits will come as I continue to read/research healthy habits and trends. I want to use this blog as my journal, personal and inspirational…as well as a repository for health info and tips that I come across.

**I forgot to mention in my last post that the last few days I’ve also turned down beer (eggads!) and will likely cut out liquor in favor of wine. But again, I don’t want to go teetotal alcohol free or teetotal vegetarian. I just don’t think that’s sustainable for me.