I scouted gyms/martial art studios near my parent’s house today. I got a 1 week pass to the Sentara Health & Fitness center for a free trial week. I also found a “gritty” muscle gym that has $5/day pass and Bally has a $40/month fee w/ no annual contract.

I am proud of myself for taking my workout clothes with me today and getting to it.

Treadmill 30 minutes

upperbody workout: lats, overhead press, barbell curls: 30 minutes

Sauna: 10 minutes

to improve: eat healthier, lower carb breakfast

eat lunch (wasn’t hungry)

dinner (eat less in general)

I did pretty well on the H2O today, also did a glass of oj (watered down) and dumped in a packet of emergency. plus swiped a couple of my nephew’s kid’s vitamins.

making a list of grocery items to go to store w/ my mom tomorrow. red wine, wheat bread, organic yogurt and veggies and fruits.

My goals for the next 24 hours are:

-snack only on fruits/raisins


-gym (30 min cardio, + abs + legs)

-mow lawn (hey, it counts!)