The first step to designing a healthy new diet and fitness program is to take a look at what your diet and health have been like for the last 12 months. Think about questions like these and write down your answers in a notebook so that you can look back them again a year from now:

  • How does your weight compare with a year ago? Heavier. I had lost some while traveling, but gained it back since I’ve been stationary in the states.
  • Do you feel healthy and have a lot of energy or are you tired all the time? In the middle. I’m doing a lot work-wise, but not really physically active. It is cold here in New England and I’ve not gotten it together to get outdoors and walk/run.
  • Do you take vitamins or other nutritional supplements? Yes, I like the Women’s Ultra-mega from GNC. I go through periods of really taking them every day. I’m trying to get some Pre-natal vitamins from my mom’s physician (just b/c I like them not b/c I have any plans!)
  • Do you eat at home most of the time? If so, what types of foods? Whole fresh foods, boxed foods or TV dinners? No I eat out a lot!
  • If you eat in a restaurant, what types of restaurants do you go to and what types of foods do you choose? Heavy items, meats, cream sauces, etc.
  • How physically active are you? Do you exercise regularly? Sedentary.
  • Do you eat healthy size portions, or do you stuff yourself with every meal? Stuff with every meal.
  • Do you smoke? No, thank God! At least this is one thing I’ve done right!
  • How much alcohol do you drink each week? Maybe 2-3 drinks, but I go weeks without any alcohol.

It is important to take an honest look at your health and dietary habits in order to set goals for your health and diet.