I have tried running in the past, and coupled with a drastic change in diet, it generally worked. However, I’ve never been able to stick to it and the weight has always returned.  I am motivated now by two things:

1) I just had a battery of tests and I’m generally healthy. I don’t have high cholesterol, no evidence of high blood pressure and so far no evidence of my greatest fear: diabetes. My blood tests show that all of my “numbers” are great. Good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, systolic/diastolic,  blood sugar, etc. With the exception of my weight, I’m  healthy.  I don’t want any of that to change and I know I’m skating on thin ice.

2) Vanity. Sex, money, fun. Yes, all of these things improve with fitness. I’ve made good money, traveled widely, read broadly, and am well educated, but I feel like something is missing. I call it my “Midas Touch” and I’m ready to get it back.

I want to use this blog and any tools I find over the next year, to drop the weight, improve my general fitness, and increase my self-esteem. I’m not really “weight” focused and think I have a healthy attitude about losing weight and am not scared of going overboard.